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The Mathematics Department envisions fostering a deep appreciation for math, empowering students with strong problem-solving skills, and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration for real-world impact. We strive to be a leading force in mathematical research and education, making mathematics accessible, relevant, and essential to society's advancement



The mission of the Mathematics Department is to provide high-quality education that equips students with a strong foundation in mathematics, critical thinking skills, and quantitative literacy. We aim to conduct cutting-edge research, contributing to the advancement of mathematical knowledge and its practical applications. Our department is committed to promoting a culture of inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility in mathematics education. We actively seek to engage with the broader community, sharing mathematical insights and fostering a love for the subject.



  1. Problem-Solving Skills:   Develop strong problem-solving and analytical skills by applying mathematical principles to real-world situations.

  2. Critical Thinking:   Foster critical thinking and the ability to construct logical arguments and proofs.

  3. Broad Knowledge:   Explore various branches of mathematics, such as linear algebra, differential equations, and discrete mathematics, to build a broad mathematical foundation.

  4. Mathematical Modeling:  Learn to model and solve practical problems using mathematical tools and techniques.

  5. Effective Communication : Improve communication skills, both written and oral, to convey mathematical ideas and solutions clearly.

  6. Research Exposure:  Gain exposure to research through projects, seminars, or research opportunities, and consider pursuing more advanced studies.

  7. Adaptability:  Develop the ability to adapt to new mathematical concepts and technologies, staying current in the evolving field.

  8. Lifelong Learning:  Cultivate a passion for lifelong learning and appreciation for the beauty and significance of mathematics in various aspects of life and career paths.





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