Department of Botany

Department of Botany




                                                              Establishment: 1962

Name of the programme Year of Introduction
B.Sc. 1962
M.Sc. 2016-2017
M. Phil and Ph.D. 2012-2013

Vision: - To explore, and conserve the botanical world and conduct innovative research on plants and their environments.To promote the culture of learning by educating students in the basics of plant science, its related components, and evolving advancements that will serve science and the nation in the twenty-first century.

Mission: To educate students with the fundamental knowledge and application of scientific methods, skills and attitudes with the help of conventional and modern tools to understand everything related to plants. Empowerment of students towards excellence with scientific culture and skills. To serve society's needs and contribute to transforming society into a knowledge society.  


  • To inculcate experimental and fundamental skills for identification of components of botanical science.
  • To develop research skills among stakeholders.
  • To develop career opportunities
  • To impart the quality education in Botany
  • To create awareness about environmental problems
  • To preserve and conserve the Biodiversity 

    The department has well qualified faculties. Department is actively engaged in research and environment awareness activities. Botany department is actively engaged in various social and environment awareness activities. Department has started a "Plant Health Clinic". It is a free-of-cost consultancy service provided to nearby farmers about nutrient requirements of crops, problems related to growth, control of plant diseases, etc. Department has established Botany club for display of plant of the week.

    Bridge course for B. Sc I students has been conducted by department. The department conducts internal evaluation, pre-semester, remedial coaching, student mentoring and encourages teaching learning process. Department runs three certificate courses for career opportunities. Faculty involved in encouraging student’s participation in   co - curricular activities.  Department organized lectures of eminent experts.

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