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Electronic Department is devoted to ensure transformational impact on learning community of the Electronics students, faculty members and staffs who are engaged in teaching, innovating, discovering and creating new knowledge in the field of Electronics and thus serving the country as well as humanity to develop human capital and to produce new knowledge based economy and society.



The mission of the Electronic Department is to enhance the position of the Electronic Department as one of the top ranked teaching and research departments in shivaji university by providing the highest quality teaching and learning environment for the students and thus producing the competent and compassionate Electronic graduates fully equipped to achieve the highest personal and professional standards for the overall development of the university and of the country. Moreover, the Department is dedicated to attracting and sustaining a cluster of faculty members who are, through their quality teaching, research and service, devoted to the development of compassionate Electronic graduates.


Short-Term Goals

  • To lay a strong foundation in science, mathematics, principles and technological advancements in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and allied fields
  • To modernize all its laboratories
  • To organize add-on courses each semester to expand students’ knowledge
  • To encourage aspiring engineers and technocrats to take up industry-specific projects
  • To train and educate students in global technological trends for an overarching vision
  • To incorporate modern teaching techniques for advanced learning
  • To enhance the faculty and staff members’ knowledge in technological advancements in the discipline


Long-Term Goals

  • To digitalize all study material of the department for enhancing accessibility
  • To spark off within students the drive to participate in community development programs
  • To establish cutting-edge research facilities in the department
  • To become a globally-recognized centre of excellence in the field
  • To take up large, impactful R&D projects with various research organizations
  • To enable students and faculty to provide consultancy to various industries
  • To establish collaborative programs with foreign universities


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