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The Department of Chemistry endeavours to be a nationally-recognized model for educating and graduating students prepared to compete in and contribute to the ever-changing, technology-centered world of the 21st century.  To achieve this vision the aim of the department is to build foundation for excellence and spur development of the college as a premier college, by igniting and nurturing enthusiasm, interests and passion, in the study of chemistry as a part of curricula.



The mission of the Department of Chemistry is to advance the chemical sciences through the education of undergraduate students by providing them with quality classroom, research and service opportunities. With a high standard for excellence in all three areas the department will produce students who are knowledgeable in chemistry and can think critically. 



      1. Enhance the quality of the chemistry and industrial chemistry programs.

      2. Enhance the basic and applied research framework in the Chemistry  Department.

      3. Increase enrolment in the chemistry programs.

      4. Enhance services to the community.

      5. Build partnerships with the industry to achieve the department goals.

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