Library is “Heart of College” Teaching and learning system library support through reading materials our library is well equipped with reference book, text books, Journals, Periodicals and news papers etc. Our library provides such as library services, reading materials, circulation, study room, Internet and “INFLIBNET” (N-List), E-Resources to the readers.


  1. Book are for use
  2. Every Reader has his /her book
  3. Every book has its reader
  4. Save the time of the reader / staff
  5. Library is a growing organism.

                                                    Est.- 1928         Dr. S. R. Rangnathan


      Every year the college constitutes Library Committee for its smooth functioning of its activities. The main objective of library committee are to decide and adopt policies to govern the management and programmer of the library, to prepare the annual budget, rules and regulation of the library. The committee also looks into student’s grievances, if any. The committee consists, of Principal as Ex-officio, Librarian as Secretary and senior faculty members. The committee formed for the year 2015-16 is as under.

 Principal         Dr. Milind Hujare                     Ex-Officio Chairman 

  1. Dr . Alvekar  E. B.                              Member
  2. Dr. Patil  C. R.                                    Member
  3. Shri.  Jadhav   S. S.                             Member
  4. Sou. Changundi   S. A                        Membre
  5. Shri. Patil  A. S.                                  Member
  6. Sou Pachange  P. B.                            Member
  7. Shri. Sathe A.M.                                Member

The college has a well-equipped, spacious and computerized library building. Details of library is as follows :

       Total area of the library (in Sq. Mts.): 320 sq mts.

      Total seating capacity:

      1. Reference and Periodical Section – 50 (Faculty and Girls)

      2.  Study Room                         –120 students

Working hours (on working days, on holidays, before examination days, during examination days, during vacation)

      1. Circulation Section

                       A )  Monday to Saturday - 07.30 am to5.00 pm

                       B )  Sundays                  - 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

      2.  Reference and Periodical Section    - 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

                       During vacations 7.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Layout of the library (individual reading carrels, lounge area for browsing and relaxed reading, IT zone for accessing e-resources)

1. Stack Room : 174 sq.m.

2. Study room : 74 sq.m.

3 Staff reading room : 17 sq.m.

Library at a Glance