Students Satisfaction Survey

         Academic Year 2019 - 2020

To collect the responses of the students regarding their overall satisfaction about college, a satisfaction survey has been conducted. The statements were prepared covering all aspects of HEI to seek the response from the students on five point scale.The analysis of student satisfaction survey with their learning experience consists of 21 statements.The responses so received are analyzed and the following inferences were drawn. All students enrolled during academic year 2019-20 were informed to participate in this online survey. 27.63%students participated voluntarily, the survey was implemented online, and respondents were ensured confidentiality.

Findings of the survey are as follows:

  • More than 85 % students satisfied with the coverage of the syllabus
  • 90.6 % students opinedpositively about teachers’ thorough preparation. 85.8 % students agree that the teachers can communicate very effectively.
  • The Fairness of the internal evaluation process and transparency in the system is well applauded by 81.9 % of the students and 83.8 % students agreed upon discussion of their performance in internal assignments was on time.
  • 66.6% students agree that, the institute takes active interest in promoting student exchange, field visit opportunities,internship for students.
  • 78.1%Students confirmedthe teaching and mentoring process in institution facilitates students in cognitive, social and emotional growth.
  • The analysis of the survey conducted shows that85.8% students agree that the college provides multiple opportunities to learn and grow.
  • 84.5% students agree that teachers inform about learning outcomes and expected competencies of the syllabus being taught regularly.
  • 78.5% of the students agreethat the teachers always take necessary follow-up with an assigned task.
  • 87.3% students agree that teachers illustrate the conceptswith examples and applications.
  • It is agreed by 78.8% students that the teachers identify student’s strengths and encouragethem for overall development.
  • Similarly, 76.7%studentthink thatthe teachers identify their weaknesses and help them toovercome difficulties.
  • Nearly 84 % studentsare satisfied with the institution’s efforts to engage students in the monitoring, review and continuousquality improvement of the teaching learning process.
  • The institute/ teachers use student centric methods, such as experiential learning, participative learning and problem solving methodologies for enhancing learning experiencesis appreciated by 85% students.
  • About 87 % students have agreed that the teachers encourage them to participate in extracurricular activitiesrun by the college.Similarly, 82% students appreciated that the teachers inculcate soft skills, life skills and employability skills to make them ready for the world of work.
  • The survey shows that 59.5% of respondents are satisfied with the internet facility and Learning Management Systems (LMS), E-learning resources etc.
  • The response about quality of teaching learning process from85% students is very good.

Conclusion: More than 70% students responded (Strongly Agree and Agree) that they were satisfied with the services rendered by the college.

Points to be improved:

  • More focus should be given to student exchange programme and internship program.
  • Enhanced use of ICT in teaching should be made
  • Laboratories should be equipped with more number of instruments.
  • To improve demand of life skills and employability skills.