Students Satisfaction Survey

        Conducting the Students’ Satisfaction Survey is very important in order to improve the efficiency and quality of the institution. It tells us about the opinion of the students about the effective utilization of man power and various facilities available in the institute. It also helps institution to know about the requirements of students with respect to different other services. Such survey thus gives an outline about how things are to be planned to ensure better services and facilities to students.

        Accordingly, a satisfaction survey on facilities provided by the institute to the students was planned. Consequently, a Questionnaire was developed categorized into groups viz. Curricular, Extra-Curricular and Sports, Facilities related to Information Technology Enabled Services.

      Graduate students are satisfied with services provided by the institute.

  1. Most respondents (91.55%) were very satisfied with the teachers ability for syllabus completion within time.
  2. 54.89 % Students opinion about teachers prepare thoroughly preparation for the regular classes.
  3. A third (82.26%) of respondents reported being either satisfied teachers for the effective communication with the students and their excellent subject knowledge.
  4. The institute has taken efforts to improve the performance of students by framing significant reforms in CIE at the institute level and 74.84%students agree fairness of the internal evaluation process by teachers.
  5. In the parameter wise break up it is seen that satisfaction level is least in case of regularly active interest in promoting internship and student exchange programme with other institute is about 57.93%.
  6. 39.06%Students seem to be very dissatisfied with teaching and mentoring process in institution.
  7. The overall satisfaction level of the students about the teachers who every time informs students about their expected competencies, course outcome, programme outcome and their helping nature regarding encourage to student with providing right level of carrier challenges.
  8. Quite satisfaction of the Students shows regarding student centric methods, sports, and extra-Curricular activities.
  9. 13.25% of respondents reported very dissatisfied with the internet facility and Learning Management Systems (LMS), E-learning resources etc. and also 37.99% students dissatisfaction with the life skills and employability skills


From the survey, more than 90% of the participants responded (strongly agree and Agree) that they were satisfied with the services rendered by the college.


  1. It is need to properly conduct the Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  2. To improve mentoring process
  3.  To improve demand of life skills and employability skills