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          Dattajirao Kadam Arts, Science, Commerce College, Ichalkaranji was established in 1962 by Shri Swami Vivekanand Shikshan Sanstha Kolhapur, founded by Shikshanmaharshi Dr. Bapuji Salunkhe with a motto “Dissemination of Education for Knowledge Science & Culture”. The College is located in industrial city of Ichalkaranji well known as Manchester of Maharashtra. Presently the Strength of Senior College is 2873 having approximately equal percentage of male & female students. The total number of teaching & Non teaching staff is 90 (41 parmanent, 49 temporary) & 42 respectively & student teacher ratio is 31:1

           The college is reaccredited with ‘A’ grade by NAAC. During the last five years the college has tried its level best to comply with suggestions made by NAAC peer team during second cycle of accreditation. The college is recognized as one of the old & best colleges in university, not only in academics but also in the fields of sports, cultural and extension activities.

  1. The college has basic and professional programmes with wide programme options at UG level. At PG level MA in Marathi and Hindi and M.Sc. in Botany is available. Two diplomas one in Computer based Textile design (community college scheme) and other in Information technology and computer basics are offered. Besides this 7 short term certificate courses are offered.
  2. The college is affiliated to Shivaji University Kolhapur. The curriculum, admissions and evaluation processes are followed as per the norms and rules as prescribed by the State Government and the University.
  3. The syllabi have been prepared by the University and the college faculty participates in the process of restructuring of the syllabi as chairman and members of Academic Boards, Boards of Studies, and subject experts or as members of sub committees. The college has organized 06 workshops on revision of syllabi and implementation.
  4. Responding to the changing needs and market demands, the college offers programmes such as Computer Science, B.C.A, diploma in Computer based Textile Design(community college scheme)
  5. The college has adopted a liberal policy by way of providing a wide range of subject combinations and optional papers. The college offers programmes from UG to PG. level. At UG level the college offers 16 subjects with 8 programmes in Arts and 7 programmes in Science. There are 2 programmes in commerce B.Com and B.CA. At PG level 2 programmes are available in Arts and 1 in Science, and 07 Certificate courses and 02 diplomas are also offered by the college.
  6. There are 4 groups with 11subjects (English is compulsory) available at F.Y.B.A. Student has to select any 6 subjects in all, with one language, besides Compulsory English being mandatory. In addition, 6 of the given subjects are taught in Marathi to cater to regional needs. The same number of subjects  are available at S.Y.B.A. also. 8 options are on offer at Special level. • There are 9subjects for Science with2 groups. At B.SC. Part1 students can take either chemistry or electronics. Students choose their Special course at T.Y. B.Sc. level out of 7 available options. At PG level M.A.Marathi and Hindi is available. The college offers M.Sc. Botany programme and 07 career oriented certificate courses.
  7.  The curriculum is implemented in a systematic manner with allocation of courses and methodologies to be followed for teaching given by the department. The departmental time table is prepared after the central time table is finalized. Finally teachers submit the teaching plan. • Records of teaching and other activities of teacher are maintained in the “Teacher’s Diary” and audited at the end of each semester. • Traditional modes of teaching-learning are blended with reasonable use of ICT to make the process learner centric. Necessary infrastructural support is provided to teachers. • The admissions to various classes/programmes are made in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the State Government and Shivaji University. Due publicity of the admission process is made by displaying detailed notifications of admission programme on college notice boards as well as on college website and prospectus ahead of the schedule.
  8.  On the campus, counseling is provided to all the candidates approaching the counseling centre. This centre works round the clock during the admission period at a prominent location on the campus. Help and assistance is offered to all the students in selection of subjects with special attention being given to socially and physically challenged candidates.  The college has made efforts to shift the balance of higher education from the ‘teacher-centric education’ to ‘student-centric education’, by supplementing the traditional learning practices with the use of innovative learning techniques. This is made possible by: (a) Enriching the learning experience of the students through subject association activities, such as group discussions, guest lectures, study tours, lecture / essay / poster competitions and class presentations. (b) Offering career oriented courses(c) Making the learning process more interactive and dynamic with greater participation of students. (d) Supplementing lectures with various teaching aids, such as demonstration, models, charts, slides and use of ICT (power point presentations, moodle, You Tube). Teachers have developed their own e-resources in some subjects. Language Laboratory has been set up for enhancing communication skills.(e) Providing bridge course and remedial coaching.
  9. The learning experiences of our students are enriched through the activities organized by subject associations such as group discussions, guest lectures, study tours, lecture/essay/poster competitions, wall papers’ and Vachan sanskriti. More emphasis has been placed on learning skills such as conducting surveys on social issues, data collection and presentation. With a view to sharpening the skills of our students, the college is continuously in the process of devising and evolving the evaluation system by making value additions to the common evaluation pattern offered by the university, which is qualitative and quantitative. At the departmental level home assignments and class tests are conducted. In keeping the pace with the changes and aspirations of the young generation of students and teachers, there are initiatives in terms of additions in infrastructure; facilitating adoption of ICT enabled teaching learning methods. The management has also been pro-active in investing on the necessary infrastructure and learning resources.
  10.  In recognition of the importance of research and consultancy, particularly the value addition it can provide to teaching, which is the core activity of the college. College has made conscious efforts towards further promotion of research on the campus.  The Research Committee facilitates and monitors the research activities. The committee provides all kinds of procedural and practical support to researchers. 37 teachers are involved in research activity. 13 Teachers are recognized research guides.  (a) Over the past five years, 13 minor research projects have been successfully completed, one is ongoing, with total outlay of Rs. 1136000 (b) 01 Major research projects has been completed with an outlay of Rs. 1740000 (c) A total of 252 research papers have been published. (d) A total of 38 books have been authored by our teachers and 17 chapters have been contributed to books. (e)  There is one recognized research laboratory Botany which is recognized for M.Phil and Ph. D. degree by Shivaji University. Research work is also actively carried out in other departments of English, Marathi and Hindi, Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.  The teachers are encouraged to undergo training at International Universities. Teachers also participate in week long training sessions to update their professional skills at Centers of Higher Learning and Excellence. A teacher from Zoology Department attended training programme at Maritime University Myanmar and also presented paper at conference organized by Hunter college, Newyork.  Teachers and students have been consistently participating in University level annual research convention (AVISHKAR) and have secured prizes. The college has organized 05 National conferences, 01 State level seminar and 1 National workshop. The college also organized 18 workshops under Lead college scheme.  Informal consultancy services are mainly offered in the areas of plant taxonomy, medicinal plants, water quality and natural dyes by the Departments of Botany, Zoology and Chemistry. The college has developed linkages through collaborations and MoUs with industries, institutes, govt. and non govt. organizations for on job training, faculty exchange, organizing seminars, research, extension and outreach activities and placements. The college has published compendiums of research publications presented in seminars and conferences organized in the college in the in-house publication ‘Manchester’ with ISBN.
  11. The college has spacious, well lit and ventilated classrooms and laboratories. All science departments have well equipped laboratories.  There are 41 classrooms, 18 laboratories for general programmes. Apart from this, there is “Language Laboratory. Infrastructure in the laboratories for Computer and Zoology has been upgraded. Auditorium and recreation halls are available for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Electrification, renovations of roofs of departments, furniture for computer lab, construction of urinals and washroom for women staff and students, CCTV surveillance, intercom system, security guard cabin, power back up, solar wind (hybrid) power system, net working, paving the open space with paving blocks, construction of separate building for B.C.A. have been done. The college has spent about Rs.7500000 for construction of infrastructure during last five years. The gymnasium enriched with modern equipments of worth Rs 306746/-. In addition to own play ground the college has acquired spacious play ground from Ichalkaranji municipality. In addition to this some laboratories like Computer Science, library, administrative block, examination control room, IQAC room provided with UPS system for continuous supply of electricity.
  12. There are 119 computers and 6 laptops. All computers have net connectivity. There are 25 printers. The campus is Wi-Fi enabled.  The college library has a collection of 66422 books, including some rare collections. Library services are automated.  More than 6000 E-journals are available.
  13. Student profile of the college represents all sections of the society including economically weaker sections. The passing percentage of college students is about 83%, which is above the university average. Three students, one each in Mathematics, Chemistry and in Politics stood first in University merit list and 30 students won University merit scholarships. • The college provides support for slow learners and bridge courses are conducted in some subjects • The college has active “Placement Cell” that helps in coordinating activities of the campus placements .During last five years 107 students were placed in different companies through the placement programme organized in our college. In association with Skill Development, Employment and Entrepreneurship guidance centre Kolhapur the placement cell organized employment fest, in which 341 youth were placed in different industries, companies and business organizations. The placement cell carries out Pre-Placement as well as Placement activities. • Every department makes an effort to enhance skill amongst the students by organizing skill development workshops/guest lectures. • The college runs centre of coaching for competitive examinations. NET/SET guidance is also provided in some subjects like Chemistry and Hindi. • Structured mentoring system has been implemented .Alumni association, well-wishers and Government motivates the students in many ways and also encourages them by giving prizes both for academic and extracurricular activities.

(a) The college students gifted wheelchairs to differently abled students.

(b) 7 different Government (State and Central) scholarships and freeships are given every year. Apart from the above, under UGC XI Plan (Colleges with higher proportion of SC/ST students) students were given total Rs.80000.00 as financial support for purchasing books and stationery.

(c) The economically weaker students are provided with student aid fund. The college disbursed Rs 99512/- to needy and economically weaker students through S.A. fund. College students are covered under students’ insurance scheme 

(d)   The college publishes an annual magazine “Vivek”. The students of Zoology have established Nature club and some departments have subject associations. The Students of Chemistry have created Chemistry Association.

  1. The N.C.C unit of the college is one of the best units in 56 MAH.BTN. Our N.C.C. cadet led the NCC troop of India in republic day parade at Delhi. The N.S.S. Units of the college adopted three villages for community services such as gram swacchata, tree plantation, sensitization, awareness programmes two villages adopted by our college got ISO status. The college and programme officer got best N. S.S.unit and programme officer awards respectively. The folk dance group of our college won National award and selected for International presentation at Ukraine (Europe). The sportspersons of our college won zonal, Interzonal, State and National level championships.

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