Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities


          The college prepares the annual budget with the help of the CDC and IQAC after seeking requirement from the various departments in the month of February and it is sent to the management to seek approval and sanction. Every year, the priorities are decided and the necessary allocations are made. Thus, the college ensures optimal allocation and utilization of the available financial resources for maintenance and upkeep.The administrative office takes care of day to day maintenance in consultation with the principal.
            With the prior permission of the principal, various departments are allowed to use of multipurpose hall to organize the programmes.
           There is a policy of the college to replace the existing computers periodically with the new versions to facilitate upgradation. There is also AMC for maintenanceof computers and up gradation of the existing software. Necessary softwareare purchased for the friendly use of computers and data processing as per the requirement and demand. Interruption free power supply is provided to the important laboratories and office premises and AMC for the maintenance of invertor is in effect.
            The BCA Department organizes faculty improvement programme to assist the faculty of the college to prepare computer aided teaching learning materials and enables them as ICT friendly teacher. The department also organizes computer literacy programme for nonteaching staff such as digital literacy and the students to increase the awareness about the use of IT among them. The teaching and nonteaching staff is deputed to attend the workshop/training programmes on ICT to upgrade their knowledge.
          The students are guided to use the instruments and harmful chemicals under the supervision of teachers. The laboratory equipment and instruments are calibrated by the teaching and nonteaching staff of the respective departments before the commencement of annual practical examinations. These devices are maintained and repaired through funds available in the college.
            The sensitive equipment is located in proper places taking adequate measures for their protection and storage. The college has a power generator within the campus. The voltage stabilizers have been installed for safety of sensitive equipment. The Computer laboratory is provided with online UPS system. The computers in administrative office are provided with power back up. The maintenance of equipment is done through the annual maintenance contract while minor repairs are carried out on request through complaints register system. Besides two drinking water supply connections constant water supply is assured through the two bore wells which is a natural source of water available for the whole year. The rain water harvesting system is used to collect the water in the storage.
        The library staff takes care of books by cleaning regularly using vacuum cleaner. In order to motivate the advanced learners, the library provides extra two cards for two more books. Necessary precaution is taken by installing fire extinguishers.
        For fixing the major problems, the external services are sought on the contract basis for which special provisions are made in the annual budget.

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