Internal Quality Assurance Cell


IQAC is committed to attain/sustain the quality assurance in all views of Institutionalization process through contributions towards -

  • To organise research activities and create atmosphere for research aptitude.
  • To organise the National /State University level conferences, seminars workshops which contribute knowledge to literature, science, history, in fundamental as well as applied aspects It helps to build the nation.
  • The documentation of the quality enhancing activities of the college.
  • To review the existing programmes and introduce the career oriented certificate courses in addition to existing one. E.g. soil and water analysis, computer basics, and computer based textile design.
  • To receive the feedback responses from the students, parents, alumini and stakeholders.
  • To upgrade laboratory infrastructure.
  • To promote the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning process.
  • To introduce PG programmes and laboratory recognition for M.Phil. and Ph.D.
  • Dissemination of information on the various quality parameters of the higher education.
  • To prepare an AQAR of the college and submit to the NAAC office, Bengaluru every year.

IQAC Committee

1) Dr. Ramesh R. Kumbhar (Principal) Chairman
2) Prin. Shri. Abhaykumar Salunkhe Executive Chairman Member from Management
3) Prin. Sou. Shubhangi Gavade Secretary Member from Management
4) Dr. Vinayak Vasant Ganbavle (Assistant Professor) Co-ordinator
5) Dr. Atish N. Patil (Assistant Professor) Co-coordinator
6) Dr. Chandrkant B. Patil (Assistant Professor) Member
7) Dr. Sunita J. Velhal (Assistant Professor) Member
8) Dr. Deepak C. Kamble (Associate Professor) Member
9) Dr. Smt. Asmita S. Tapase (Assistant Professor) Member
10) Dr. Smt. Nilofar H. Shaikh (Assistant Professor) Member
11) Smt. Sahida A. Jamadar (Assistant Professor) Member
12) Shri. Dnyandeo A. Yadav (Assistant Professor) Member
13) Shri. Akshay R. Swami (Assistant Professor) Member
14) Shri. Chetan A. Patil (Assistant Professor) Member
15) Smt. Rita S. Rodriques (Assistant Professor) Member
16) Shri. Sanjay B. Patil (Assistant Professor) Member
17) Shri. V. P. Yadav (Librarian) Member
18) Shri. Akash V. Bansode (Physical Director) Member
19) Shri. Ashok S. Patil (Office Superintendent) Member from Administrative Office
20) Shri. Atul A. Walke (Lab Assistant) Member from non teaching
21) Shri. Sunil S. Patil (Industrialist) Member from Industrialists
22) Shri. Prasad Kulkarni   Member from local Society/ Alumni
23) Dr. C. B. Salunkhe   Member from Research
24) Miss Aarati A. Molekar B.Sc. - III Member from Student

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