Department of Botany

Vision: - To explore and to conserve botanical world

Mission: - Empowerment of students towards excellence with scientific culture and skills


            To inculcate experimental and fundamental skill for identification of                               components of botanical  science.

            To develop research skills among stakeholders.

            To develop career opportunities

            Botany department started in June 1962. In  progressive years it has become special subject for B. Sc course and demand of subject resulted for recognition of botany laboratory for M. Phil and Ph.D. in 2012 – 2013 and PG course in botany in 2016 -17

            The dept. has five well qualified faculty; and five temporary faculty actively engaged in research and registered for Ph.D.  The department has four research guides and 13 students are registered for Ph.D.  Degree (1 awarded for Ph.D. degree). Bridge course for B. Sc I students has been conducted by department. The department conducts internal evaluation and pre-semester, remedial coaching student mentoring and encourage teaching learning process. The department has organized one national conference. The faculty involvement in publication of 66 research papers. Department runs two certificate courses for career opportunities. Department has involved new mounting technique for researchers. Faculty involved in encouraging students participation in   co - curricular activities.  Department organized lectures of eminent experts. Department conducts     M. Sc pre- entrance examination.

            Department has established Botany club for display of plant of the week. Department has consultancy for authentication of medicinal plants and established MoU’s with Balaji Clinic, Ambika Nursery, Sajeev Nursery and Nikhil laboratory sangli.